At CPG, we believe the right team and the right location is only as good as the right process. That’s why our project development process is rooted in total customer satisfaction, and we execute deliverables to your specific, unique expectations.

CPG Agency Process

At CPG, we follow “The CPG Way” – a dedicated process of care, creativity and value that is added to every project we touch. From brainstorming to designing to execution, we immerse ourselves in the minutiae of each client opportunity so that the brand experience is elevated in every way.

You’ve brought Employees, Franchisees, Dealers, Sales Teams, Partners, Stakeholders, Leaders, Vendors and Top Performers together in a meaningful way. How do you drive the most value from your event? Through innovative experiential and creative engagement programs, we create brand advocates.

We call it, “Belief through Experience”.

CPG Agency Careers Feature


We love adding enthusiastic, experienced members to the team. If company culture and bringing big ideas to life is as important to you as it is to us, let us know!