A great workplace starts with great people.

At CPG, you have every opportunity to showcase your creative side and take on the responsibilities that let you perform at your best. We celebrate transparency, collaboration and inclusivity to ensure our team is always on the same page and delivering the same degree of excellence for every client. Your voice won’t just be heard; it will serve as the focal point for the next big thing at CPG.

Top ten reasons to work at CPG:

  1. We work with the best brands in the world
  2. Our six values help shape our company culture
  3. Our downtown location is right in the heart of STL
  4. We encourage having desk plants (and naming them)
  5. We heavily invest in our community through passion projects
  6. You’ll have an immediate say in how we operate
  7. We award our teammates on outstanding achievements
  8. Every month, we celebrate something (food & beverage included)
  9. We put out healthy snacks to keep you charged
  10. Ever heard of Beer Cart Fridays?