Amplify: Post-Convention Tool for Franchise Engagement

Conventional wisdom tells us that the more we connect our franchisees to the brand message, the more we all profit in the end. Experience proves it. As we continue to work with top franchises like Jimmy John’s, Sport Clips and Panera Bread, CPG Agency has seen that an engaged franchisee serves as the best salesman for growing your brand. So, how do you transform them into engaged advocates who stir up an insatiable FOMO with each prospect they encounter?
Our work shows that franchisee engagement rests upon three pillars: Education, Motivation and Recognition. But outside of the annual convention, how are you connecting your people and targeting prospects?
There are plenty of ways to execute, really — but for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on post-convention engagement.

Amplify is a new, live experience that is scalable in nature and serves as a recruiting tool as much as it positions your brand as a thought leader in your industry. Happening outside of your annual convention, it serves to amplify your message in a big way. Essentially, this is a one-day event centered around an important topic for your brand, your franchise or your industry. It features industry experts or even celebrities to draw attention and provide expertise and can’t-miss content. It’s hosted by you, at your HQ or any preferred location. It’s also broadcast to every other franchise location via live simulcast, giving the entire brand the opportunity to host watch parties and take part in the education. Costs can be offset by sponsors and ticketing opportunities to help strengthen overall ROI.

As mentioned, this event is highly scalable in nature and is designed with your brand’s specific challenges and opportunities in mind. CPG partners with you to identify the message and the right speakers to match the inspiring content.
By inviting your prospects and VIPs, you make them part of a very special experience and ultimately position your brand as a thought leader in the space. By including your entire franchise, you increase overall engagement with the brand and show that you take solving the challenges they face every day seriously.
This is yet another full-service offering from CPG that we design to match your custom needs and deliver KPIs that are determined by you and executed by us. To learn more about targeting your franchisees and motivating your prospects, all while amplifying your brand voice, please visit our Amplify webpage. Together, we can connect your people and grow your business.