Learn more about the importance of live experiences and digital solutions for the retail industry in the new CPG and RevUnit infographic, “How to Engage Your Retail Associates”, found at the end of this blog.

Retail challenges continue to disrupt business and cause disengagement among retail associates. And while businesses may throw money and resources at advertising and in-store sales, the fastest solution often lies within your people.

Retention has always been a concern for Retail – but now it’s a plague within the industry. A recent “engage” survey points out that 50% of disengaged retail employees are planning to switch jobs in the next year. But when an employee is engaged with the brand, that number drops to just 10%.

So, how do we combat retention and change management within Retail? How do we arm our retail associates with the tools they need to get the job done?

The Retail Associate Engagement Solution:

CPG, a live experiences and internal engagement agency, along with RevUnit, a software development and digital marketing agency, have an answer. As part of an agency collective known as the Nitrous Effect, CPG and RevUnit have formed a partnership to solve the unique engagement concerns of major retail brands.

Connecting People to Purpose:

Since empowered employees are known to sell 87% more than disengaged employees, it’s important to find the best way to make an impact with your people. CPG and RevUnit use two methods to create this opportunity.

The 2 Paths to Retail Associate Engagement:

1. Live Experiences and Internal Communication Programs 

This is a great opportunity to cascade your critical brand messaging to the managers and associates who affect the customer experience every day. Event Marketing Institute reports that 74% of event attendees have a more positive outlook on their company after a major event.

2. Immersive Digital Solutions and Rich Mobile Experiences

If your employees are forced to use legacy equipment that stunts their efficiency and collaboration, they may become overwhelmed by the challenges, and the inefficiencies will certainly have a negative impact on customers. Digital Strategy Consulting found that when associates use enterprise apps and updated technology, it can increase productivity by more than 34%.

Find Your Unique Retail Solution:

CPG and RevUnit don’t set out to solve a problem; they’re here to solve your problem. We work with top brands in the world, including Sam’s Club, Walmart, Autozone, Petsmart, Ulta Beauty, Famous Footwear and more to ensure their associates have the tools they need to succeed and not only affect the bottom line of the business, but also the front-line customer experience.

When you combine an internal communication strategy with a digital solution to solve your retail associate disengagement – and then give it legs at a live experience – your team will recognize the investment you’re making in them and become more connected to the brand. Everyone wins!

Learn more with CPG and RevUnit’s new infographic below, “How to Engage Your Retail Associates”:


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