Liz Murnin Joins CPG’s Executive Leadership

Liz Murnin, SVP, Sales and Marketing

CPG Welcomes a St. Louis Agency Native

Liz Murnin is excited to join our Executive Leadership team as SVP, Sales and Marketing.

Murnin’s strong interpersonal skills and high-profile relationships across Fortune 500 companies make her the perfect fit for designing strategies, driving results and developing trust with CPG’s current and future clients.

Bringing Diverse Experience, Effective Results

Murnin’s robust portfolio of experience spans nearly two decades with national agencies and global brands, providing a well-rounded career focused on business development, account management, B2B solution design and new product launches.

Her role as the SVP of Sales and Marketing will include leading CPG’s business development team and fostering new client partnerships with best-fit brands to deliver employee culture work and custom experiences that elevate their business meetings.

“I’m thrilled to join the CPG family and honored to work with this team of seasoned and creative professionals’” says Murnin. “We are positioned for lightning-quick growth and I look forward to continuing the momentum this amazing team has set in motion.”

Poised for Growth with Best-In-Class Event Services

CPG Agency continues to raise the bar internally and across the industry by putting the right people in the right seats across production, accounts, marketing, sales, leadership and creative teams. By adding value to every client need and being diligent stewards of each client budget, CPG continues to grow year over year, both as an agency and as trusted thought leaders, earning multiple best-in-class awards and multi-year contracts from leading global brands.

“We are excited that Liz has joined CPG, and the Nitrous Effect family,” says CPG CEO Keith Alper. “Her multi-disciplinary strategy and experience will be a great benefit for our clients. We’re all about helping our clients hit home runs for their business, and we just added a top power hitter to the line-up.”

With over 30 years of expertise in marketing, branding, business strategy and event production, Keith has produced events, video/film, broadcast and major entertainment projects across the world. His uniquely strategic, creative leadership helps steer the agency while leaving room for his love of producing large-scale projects. An active member of the entrepreneurial community, he serves as a high-level strategist, innovator, board member and consultant for many Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and executives, as well as large non-profits. He recently released his first book, “From Like to Love.”