Reimagining Franchisee Engagement at IFA 2018

Panera Bread. Jimmy Johns. Sport Clips. Besides being among the largest franchises in the world, these brands share one common resource: CPG Agency. The goals are typically uniform as well, even if the message is different – grow the business. And to do that, it’s a careful balance of elevating franchisee engagement while still preserving the sacred elements of the franchise brand. CPG helps shape that story and develop brand advocates at the big event and through experiential engagement strategies throughout the year. In parallel with these brand partnerships, CPG also partners with the International Franchise Association (IFA) to propel their 2018 Annual Convention.

What is IFA?

The International Franchise Association is arguably one of the best resources available for franchises. They are the world’s oldest and largest organization focused on the representation of franchising worldwide. On a continued mission to protect, enhance and promote franchising, IFA was recently seen in action when they filed a Joint Amicus Brief in support of DirectTV to fight a recent change in the franchise business model, stating that multiple entities should be held jointly responsible for the same employees.
“Franchising is a powerhouse of small business economic activity and wrongfully defining franchisees as employees of the franchisors instead of as business owners, threatens the viability of franchising as a business model,” said IFA’s Vice President Michael Layman
Through several strategic priorities such as advocacy, growth, and performance, IFA serves as a franchise advocate – identifying and managing risks to the franchise model. To ensure growth, IFA fosters consistent and sustainable franchise systems. To help their members get the most out of what IFA has to offer, they host annual events to educate and engage franchisees. These include the Action Network Annual Meeting, Sales Revolution, Development Seminar, Frantech, Emerging Franchisor Conference and the Annual Convention. These events can’t be one-size-fits-all. They must be produced in a way that will best suit all the different franchises in attendance.

How Does CPG Connect with Franchise Brands?

Running a successful franchise is no easy feat for anyone. It takes an army to make everything run smoothly and creating that army involves turning your franchisees into brand advocates. As shown in our franchise infographic, the best way to create that “belief through experience” is by implementing these 3 pillars at the big event:
  • Education
  • Motivation
  • Recognition
Each pillar has a personalized strategy created just for them.
When franchisees are primarily motivated by shared values and committed to a mission, they are 9 times more likely to have high customer satisfaction.
As franchise brands experience success from this strategy, they become long term partners. Here’s a few ways we keep these top brands coming back year after year:

Jimmy Johns:

For several years, CPG has been the executive producer for Jimmy Johns’ franchisee convention. The biennial event focuses on the energy and enthusiasm of the brand and even includes the Sandwich Masters Competition, a signature part of our production that showcases their “freaky fast” motto.

Panera Bread:

CPG has produced this biennial Family Reunion for over 10 years. The event and marketing strategy has helped them go from hundreds to thousands of franchisees all over the nation with their value being proven in the market recently through an acquisition. Additionally,
“Our team left Nashville knowing how they make a difference in the world, the potential that exists and truly revved up to keep the promise of the future.”
Additionally, CPG works with Panera Bread to reimagine their onboarding experience “Planet Bread” and ramp up the experiential aspects that truly connect new employees with the brand culture.

Sport Clips:

By producing their National Huddle for years, CPG helped turn Sport Clips from leaders into legends. The focus was placed on recruitment, retention, training and development. One immersive way this was implemented was through special hair shows that promoted education while entertaining attendees.
“CPG transformed our shows to an event that’s alive, exciting and entertaining for attendees”

What is the Relationship Between CPG and IFA?

Through years of working closely franchises, CPG knows the industry and IFA has recognized that. In the past, we have worked closely with IFA as a long time production partner. Now, we’re digging deeper to not only handle the production, but also develop the member engagement strategies at the IFA 2018 Annual Convention.
“More than just lights and sound, CPG’s vision of IFA 2018 Annual Convention will focus heavily on the member journey and how experiential can play a role in the ongoing engagement strategy before, during and after the convention.” – Fred Bendaña
CPG has a lot of ideas for the upcoming convention to ensure everyone participates in the learning and leaves with as much knowledge and experience as possible. We’re confident attendees will experience their best Annual Convention yet.

Join us at IFA!

Join us February 10-13, 2018 and see what all we have planned for the next IFA Annual Convention. Remember, your engagement efforts shouldn’t stop at just an annual event. To learn more about how to enhance your employee engagement, check out our internal communications eBook.