We Design Internal Communications that Inspire Action

Is your brand strategy effectively reaching internal stakeholders? CPG designs internal communications plans that break ground and create brand advocates. We focus on employee engagement activities that drive behavior then motivate and retain employees.

How CPG Can Help Your Brand:

  • Review CPG’s work for top brands and their results
  • Outline the different innovation and leadership programs we curate
  • Identify your unique needs, challenges and objectives for success
  • At your request, we’ll design a custom proposal for you
Create Brand Advocates

CPG’s Full-Service Internal Engagement Programs

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Trust Us. Your Favorite Brands Already Do.

See What Our Clients Have to Say:

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“We’ve worked on many exciting initiatives with CPG, and I can’t say enough about the amazing partnership and what it’s done to challenge us to think differently. I love that they know us well enough now, that we can give them a new challenge and CPG is able to quickly assess and come back with innovative solutions!”

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“CPG’s methods to promote cultural change are rooted in best practice and research. They bring easy-to-implement engagement ideas for behavior and cultural change. CPG understands our organization and realizes that cultural change is all about human behavior and programs need to be tailored to each company.”

Let's Create a Strategy Together!

We're happy to share some of the easy, impactful ways you can engage your people.