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This fast and furious mash-up brainstorm is designed to unlock your people’s creativity through disruptive thinking. Ultimately, the goal is to create new products or services within your own walls. By purposely including people across all levels of your organization and fusing in disparate thinking, we get BIG ideas born from your people who will take ownership of the result.


What our clients are saying about us:

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“We’ve worked on many exciting initiatives with CPG, and I can’t say enough about the amazing partnership and what it’s done to challenge us to think differently. I love that they know us well enough now, that we can give them a new challenge and CPG is able to quickly assess and come back with innovative solutions!”

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“CPG’s methods to promote cultural change are rooted in best practice and research. They bring easy-to-implement engagement ideas for behavior and cultural change. CPG understands our organization and realizes that cultural change is all about human behavior and programs need to be tailored to each company.”

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