About Us

Since 1985, we’ve evolved from an event production house into a full-service corporate engagement agency. Now, working alongside our favorite brands is what we’re all about.

Across events and culture, we instill the belief necessary to match your business outcomes with your people approach.

Creative + Collaborative = Our Process

We work as an extension of your team to deliver strategic, creative solutions with the heft of a large agency, yet the speed and agility of passionate specialists.

Here’s how we create an impact for your business and navigate the aftershocks with ongoing, engaging communications:

CPG Capabilities

Our Client Partners

We help brands transform their moment into a movement:

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The CPG Leadership Team

We surround ourselves with energetic, inspiring people who own their roles at CPG Agency.


CEO, Co-Founder

With over 30 years of expertise in marketing, branding, business strategy and event production, Keith has produced events, video/film, broadcast and major entertainment projects across the world. His uniquely strategic, creative leadership helps steer the agency while leaving room for his love of producing large-scale projects. An active member of the entrepreneurial community, he serves as a high-level strategist, innovator, board member and consultant for many Fortune 500 companies, CEOs and executives, as well as large non-profits. He recently released his first book, “From Like to Love.”
Engaged employees outperform others by more than 20% in productivity and profitability. I love helping clients engage their people.


As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, Andy oversees day-to-day operations and admin functions. He brings a special balance of strategic thinking, business acumen and problem-solving skills to help fuel the agency’s productivity and growth, promote innovation and increase productivity across the agency. Andy’s agency experience and blend of skills give him a strategic, executional edge as a problem solver.
I love building – whether it's constructing a team, a business or a literal building.


As president, Reus oversees the agency’s experience offerings. A 30-year veteran of the communications and events industry, Reus is passionate about using strategic content to create “belief through experience,” and brings that same passion to her leadership of the agency. As a producer, Reus created large-scale corporate events. Her expertise encompasses experience design and strategy, content creation, audience engagement, and technical support.
I love collaborating with clients and the CPG team to create experiences that move and motivate employees, franchisees or customers.

Chief Strategist, Co-Founder

For over three decades, Steve has seen and done it all for brands across every industry and continues to be the intellectual and creative fuel behind many of CPG’s projects. His production career began at Maritz and grew from producing meetings and concerts for thousands to designing experiential tours, booking A-list talent, launching Middle Eastern fighter jets and booking meetings in nearly every major hotel in the country. Above all, he loves working with global brands to develop strategy and execute large scale events.
I love the creative process – taking a blank piece of paper and turning it into something that connects with an audience.
Our values steer the path to success for each project and partnership:
  • Resolute

  • Open

  • Constant

  • Purposeful

  • Innate

And it’s not just our clients who see the results:

CPG Award Winning Agency - 2021