(The following is a guest post and infographic from our friends at CareerMinds.)

To better engage with your people – whether that involves holding events, meetings or trainings – you should seriously consider paying closer attention to what’s going on in the HR space.

Think about it. Human Resources deals with staff members on a daily basis, and they know almost everything that is going on in your organization – from what areas need to be worked on to what makes your staff happier to what is fostering great workplace relationships.

So, how can you be “paying attention?”

Well, like all areas of business, HR sees trends come and go. Staying updated on these trends will help you better understand how engagement is currently working on an industry level. Then, by following the latest employee engagement trends and tailoring your delivery to the way your people like to learn, you can amplify your leadership programs, annual conferences, etc.

Another way to pay attention involves one of the biggest changes HR has faced in 2017: continuous reporting. Annual reviews are slowly fading away because technology has allowed us to address what is working and what isn’t faster than ever before. These are the very same metrics that are determining the success of your big conference.

Outside of the big meeting, we see value as well.

Have you ever held an annual review and your employee (or even your co-worker) was upset because they were just alerted that the processes they used – which they thought were working – were actually hurting the metrics used to evaluate them? With continuous reporting, your staff becomes more engaged in their work because they can adjust and right themselves in the moment, leading to better results and a better sense of accomplishment.

Since the HR world encompasses many areas of business and follows different trends from time to time, we put together a handy infographic to catch you up to speed. By understanding these simple trends, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to planning engaging experiences with your people in the future.

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