By Michael Taylor

Event Design Strategy

Eight Steps to Develop the Right Event Strategy

Develop your strategic event framework to maximize ROI and reach your experiential goals.
Women holding 2024 with a lightbuld

Four Trends Shaping Corporate Meetings & Events in 2024

Here, we dive into four trends we’re watching that are shaping the way events are planned and executed this year.
a person making a speech

What to Consider When Choosing a Keynote Speaker for Your Corporate Event

The choice of a motivational speaker can have a significant impact on your corporate meeting or event […]

The Power of Experience Design: Transforming Corporate Meetings and Events

Experience design involves crafting every facet of an event with the attendee’s journey in mind. It’s not just about conveying information; it’s about creating memorable, immersive experiences that resonate with participants long after the event is over […]

9 Tips for Cohesive Brand Messaging at Your Corporate Meeting

Maximize engagement and the return on your event investment with these 9 Tips […]
Designing Inclusive Events

Designing More Inclusive Corporate Events

Corporate meetings and events provide a unique opportunity for brands to engage […]
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The Attendee Journey: Think Beyond Your Corporate Event

Corporate meetings and events all share common objectives – connection, networking, learning, […]
How to Strategically Prepare for Impacts to 2023 Event Budgets

How to Strategically Prepare for 2023 Event Budgets

With all the implications on corporate event budgets coming out of the […]
2023 event trends

Experiential & Event Planning Trends for 2023

Wow, another year that went by blazingly too fast! In 2022, many […]
Team of employees engaged in an office.

Employee Engagement: Why it Matters Now More than Ever

In recent years, employee engagement has become synonymous with employee experience. The […]
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