Engagement Culture

Team of employees engaged in an office.

Employee Engagement: Why it Matters Now More than Ever

In recent years, employee engagement has become synonymous with employee experience. The […]
Enhancing employee experience via video chat meeting.

8 Ways to Enhance Employee Experience

The employee experience has received more scrutiny in the last two years. […]
CPG members adding their experiences to a board

Using the Power of Shared Moments to Create Belief and Connection

It was just a few weeks after 9/11, and I was on […]
biometrics in corporate events

Incorporating Biometric Markers for Identification at Your Next Event

Biometrics can make your attendees (and budget) happier
Surprised and delighted at a corporate event

Surprise & Delight Ideas to Make Your Next Corporate Event Stand Out

Spoil attendees and they’ll spoil you right back…
Engaged Conference Attendees

Attendee Journey: Breaking Down Your Event

Make your attendee journey heroic with these tips…
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Group posing at office holiday party

How To Produce An Office Holiday Party Your People Love

Rock the holiday party for your employees and their +1
Scott Clarke Creative Director

How Augmented & Virtual Reality Fit Into The Corporate Event Space

Connect your people with immersive XR tech
Happy business man at the airport following a corporate event

How to Leave Corporate Event Attendees with the Best Impression

Say hello and goodbye like a champ with these tips…
two event attendees laughing and engaged

The Complete 2018 Corporate Event Management Guide

Produce a killer event with this all-encompassing guide…
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