Event Experiences

Group of people attending a corporate event.

Wellness and the Events Industry: A Holistic Approach

Holistic wellness has become an essential element of event design. Awareness of […]

CPG members adding their experiences to a board

Using the Power of Shared Moments to Create Belief and Connection

It was just a few weeks after 9/11, and I was on […]

engaged employees at corporate event

4 Types of Corporate Events to Engage Employees

Corporate events are perfect for interacting with your customers, but they also […]

vr headset at corporate event

5 Corporate Event Planning Tips in 2021 and Beyond

Without a doubt, COVID-19 upended our daily lives, careers and even the […]

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Meeting

As more meetings and events migrate to virtual and remote alternatives due […]

group of business people standing in front of a window with a sunset in the background

5 Ways to Combat Coronavirus at Your Event

You’ve likely seen some relatively large conferences cancel their 2020 plans due […]

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2020 event planning trends

20 Event Planning Trends For 2020

Corporate event planning sets a series of goals – manage investments carefully, […]

diversity and inclusion at a conference

Bringing Diversity And Inclusion To Your Conference

Diversity and Inclusion should be some of your top priorities

event producers talking about goals

Smart Goals For Conference & Convention Producers (With Examples)

Measure your success with these metrics

CPG Agency Takes Top Honors In event Marketer’s “B-to-B Hidden Gems” Awards

CPG Agency is an industry leader when producing mid-size Business Events, according […]

Host A User Conference That Boosts Next Year’s Business Performance

User Conferences should solve these key objectives

How The Experts Manage Talent & Entertainment At Conferences

Pull off an unforgettable concert with these tips

Planning a User Conference: Why The Name Matters

The right name sets the tone at your conference

Event management services

These Event Management Services Produce a Great Event Partner

These 8 services are mandatory for any production partner

networking event

5 Networking Games to Implement at Your Next Conference

Fun mingling = guaranteed

Augmented Reality at a corporate event

Ideas For Augmented And Virtual Reality At Corporate Events

Don’t forget the purpose behind the shiney new tech

These Franchise Convention Best Practices Will Re-Energize Your Franchisees

Give your owner-operators the gift of practical knowledge

Producers review an event survey

Corporate Event Surveys: A How-To Guide (With Sample Questions)

Get survey responses you’ll actually use

corporate event attendees enjoying a presentation

5 Ways to Enhance Corporate Event Attendee Engagement

Keep up with the industry with these fresh engagement tools

Event Health and Wellness strategies

Beyond The 5K: Health & Wellness Strategies For Your Conference

Keep the attendees clear minded and watch engagement soar

5 things good to great at a conference

5 Things That Separate Good Conferences From Great Ones

Spawn engagement on every front with these tips

critical questions at an event debrief

Critical Questions To Ask Your Production Team During An Event Debrief

Step your debrief game up a notch with these Qs

Ulta Beauty scenic setup

How Ulta Beauty Designs a Purpose-Based Attendee Engagement Strategy

A taste of what’s to come at our EMS session this year…

People using design thinking to plan a corporate event

3 Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence At Corporate Events

AI can make your event much smarter if you know what you’re doing…

Surprised and delighted at a corporate event

Surprise & Delight Ideas to Make Your Next Corporate Event Stand Out

Spoil attendees and they’ll spoil you right back…

Breaking Down The Attendee Journey at Your Next Event

Make your attendee journey heroic with these tips…

Association Attendance

Association Event Attendance: A Guide to Maximizing Your Reach

Your upcoming event is basically your brand’s prime-time…

Event attendees networking at an annual corporate event

Facilitating a Networking Event That Actually Gets People Chatting

Make your networking event a hands-out-of-pocket type ordeal…

Corporate Event Sponsorship strategy

Corporate Event Sponsorships Can Bolster Your Budget – Here’s How

Strategic sponsorships can multiply your budget…

Handshake at a corporate event

The Importance of “Giving Back” At Your Corporate Event

Sharing is caring, so show them you care…

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