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Hybrid Corporate Event

Hybrid Event Trend Forecasts for 2022 and Beyond

It’s 2022 and we’re back, baby! Well, maybe not for everyone, but […]
Woman exploring the metaverse using VR headset

Metaverse Upskilling: Employee Development Trends and Predictions

In response to the changing work environments created by the digital revolution, […]
Excited attendees at a corporate event

CPG Agency Named a Top 200 Non-Advertising Agency by Chief Marketer

The award caps off a big year for CPG
Crowd of people clapping

CPG Agency Takes Top Honors In event Marketer’s “B-to-B Hidden Gems” Awards

CPG Agency is an industry leader when producing mid-size Business Events, according […]
biometrics in corporate events

Incorporating Biometric Markers for Identification at Your Next Event

Biometrics can make your attendees (and budget) happier
critical questions at an event debrief

Critical Event Debrief Questions To Ask

Step your debrief game up a notch with these Qs
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Super Bowl Party

6 Things The Super Bowl Production Gets Right Every Year

A quick look at the NFL’s biggest annual production…
Event team writing and event management RFP

CPG Agency’s Guide to the Perfect Event Management RFP

We’ll help you write your next RFP…
Breakout Sessions Team

How Breakout Sessions Drive Your Brand’s Message Home

Let’s talk about the real meat of your event’s education…
Design thinking

VIDEO: How to Thread Design Thinking Throughout your Event

It all begins with your organizing principle…
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