The Complete 2018 Corporate Event Management Guide

Corporate event management is made of many moving parts, but an expertly executed event can be a defining, strategic asset for your brand. For over 30 years, CPG Agency has produced live, immersive events for top brands across the country. While a lot of things have changed in that time, (Game of Thrones was just a book back then), a lot of things remain the same. We’re still fiercely committed to providing best-in-class event management services for our clients. Enter the event management guide. As industry leaders, we love to share best practices and have compiled our experience into a comprehensive corporate event management guide. This guide explores everything needed for the event planning process, examining corporate event planning objectives, internal communications and various elements of event production.

The 2018 Corporate Event Management Guide

This guide shares the path to bring your annual corporate conference to life. It reveals strategies and tactics for planning, explains the importance of engagement, and explains how to design an immersive experience for all those in attendance.

The Role of Event Production Companies

What does it take to produce an event? The answer varies, depending on your needs. Do you want an energetic, unforgettable event that leaves the audience speechless, or a snooze-fest that makes everyone actually kind of miss working? Producing an immersive event means tackling each detail, designing every aspect and pulling it all together to create moments that truly impact the audience. This involves everything from creative direction to onsite execution to carrying the event message on beyond the four-day event. All these aspects can be overwhelming with a number of details to map out. This is where full service event production companies enter the game. 

Corporate Event Planning Strategies

As a critical business investment, large business conferences and annual conventions have the potential to rally stakeholders, educate attendees on new products, define brand purpose and reward hard work and dedication. Consequently, to pull off such an experience requires an intricate plan of attack. This starts with a purpose. That purpose will become central to the event planning process, setting clear and achievable KPIs. After mapping that out, your corporate event experience can begin to take shape with the logistics of the event laid out to create a seamless guest experience.

Immersive Corporate Event Production Tactics

With the logistical groundwork taken care of, its time to move to the onsite event production. Here, it is important to remember a basic life lesson: first impressions matter. The scenic design of an event brings everything together from specific branding to an overarching event theme. This theme sets the tone and is incorporated in an emotionally and physically impactful design that will carry over to all aspects of the event like the ever influential breakout sessions to engage attendees.

Attendee Engagement at Corporate Events

Engagement puts the final and memorable touches on the event. In order to have a successful event, attendees must be actively particpating as an engaged audience is a learning audience. This attendee engagement can include fun icebreakers, interesting breakout sessions and ample time to network with fellow employees. It may also take advantage of technology with interactive apps or virtual reality activations that provide a one of a kind experience. Together, these immersive moments create interactive participants who will bring the lessons learned back to their daily lives.   

Putting the Pieces Together

Engaging memorable events don’t happen by accident. They consist of an interwoven network of various components that flow from beginning to end. This detailed event planning guide expands the various topics listed above to generate fun and education events and create “Belief Through Experience.”