Innovative Event Trends That Drive Digital Engagement

In today’s workforce, employees and technology are practically joined at the hip.
Gone are the days where employers discourage the use of digital media. Nowadays, it’s much more common for event professionals to go with the flow and facilitate a digitally immersive experience.
At CPG, we’re all about “Belief Through Experience.” Fostering that belief is entirely dependent upon the audience we’re targeting. Audiences are shifting every day, so purposeful event management teams must account for each developing trend. With all of this in mind, we’d be insane to ignore the rise in digital engagement. Although the landscape continues to shift on a daily basis, these innovative technology ideas will keep you up-to-date.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a can’t-miss event trend that every event planner should know about. Communication-based AI is found in popular messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. Chatbots have completely transformed the attendee experience by putting the power right in the palm of their hands. With the rise of messaging technology, chatbots are definitely worth the investment. Glowing suits on stage at a corporate event AI technology provides your attendees with the perfect platform to have any of their questions easily answered. By programing responses ahead of time, you’ll have answers ready for attendees when they’re checking on the time of the next breakout session or wondering where the bathroom is, leaving no room for confusion. It’s convenience also saves you time and money because it frees up personnel from having to insist in FAQs, directions and session information.

Virtual Reality

In order for an event to be memorable and impactful, it needs to be engaging. Incorporating virtual reality into your next annual conference can improve the employee connection with your brand in a completely new and innovative way. Virtual reality enables users to view 360-degree coverage of any world that is created through technology in the form of headgear and smartphones. Beginning as attendees, your guests will be transformed into participants simply because VR is engaging and fun. Virtual Reality What’s so effective about virtual reality? It brings your brand’s message directly to the user in a personalized way. This personalized message should convey the goals that both your brand and employees share. VR technology also helps to foster relationships with fellow participants through a shared experience. With these shared experiences, you can bring your people together and shape them into stronger brand advocates.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality was a tech trend that took the world by storm. After the release of Pokemon Go, event planners everywhere wanted to get their hands on the technology. In short, AR is the simulation of computer-generated images into a real world experience. When it comes to incorporating AR at corporate events, the possibilities truly are endless.

Take breakout sessions and team-building activities to the next level by sending attendees on interactive scavenger hunts where they can win prizes and upgrades that can be used during the event. By geo-tagging an entire room, attendees can trigger instructional videos, 3D product demos and interactive quizzes simply by pointing their devices at different objects around the room.
One of the best things about AR is its ability to bring people together. Augmented reality offers the perfect balance of education, interaction and fun, truly engaging your audience in a whole new way.

Mobile Event Apps

When it comes to driving engagement at events, mobile events apps are the way to go. Event apps essentially serve as the map of your event, allowing your attendees to navigate where to go and who to see. Mobile apps can potentially save thousands of dollars in the long run. If you’re not properly utilizing the app, though, it won’t deliver the ROI you seek. There are a few key features your app must include to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. First of all, scheduling is a must-have app feature. But schedules within the app don’t have to be set in stone. Mobile apps give attendees the power to create their own schedules and decide which sessions they want to attend. This level of customization leads to a happy audience every time.

Apps should also include an interactive floor plan. This helps users navigate the event space, making it easy find sessions, vendors and food stations. Additionally, push notifications keep employees informed about the event logistics surrounding their schedules. App usage analytics is a another important mobile app feature for two reasons. First, it enables planners to make any adjustments needed during the event. Secondly, analytics help inform future decisions for the next event to make it even better.

Live, Two-Way Video Communication

As workforce demographics are changing and the need to engage employees is increasing, live, two-way video is becoming a popular strategy of choice for enhancing performance. If your organization lacks expertise in a specific area or you’re having a hard time implementing a strategic plan, it’s probably time to bring in an outside perspective. This is a great way to enhance engagement amongst attendees because thought leaders on motivation and culture change can help to rally teams around your company’s top goals and priorities.
With two-way, interactive video communication, you can bring in the right expert anytime, anywhere at a fraction of the cost.
One way to bring in the experts is with Geniecast, an online marketplace of thought leaders. Geniecast makes it easy to connect your team with the perfect speaker, which can transform your internal communications and engage attendees even further during live events.

The Future is Now

Remember the days when we would sit and wonder what the future of technology looked like? Well, those days are long gone because the future is now, people. While we aren’t quite at the level of floating cars, CPG Agency has seen a dramatic increase in attendee engagement when digital technology is a main staple of corporate events. Technology has become a real game-changer because before, your attendees were merely just passive observers. Now, they’re bring transformed into interactive participants. If you haven’t already hopped on the tech bandwagon, now is the time to start. As digital technology continues to evolve, the possibilities to engage attendees really are endless.