6 Things The Super Bowl Production Gets Right Every Year

CPG views your annual event as your brand’s very own Super Bowl commercial. As any producer knows, it takes a village to create true moments of impact at these events. Your team works behind the scenes around the clock, diligently checking every last detail and neurotically ensuring everything goes smoothly, all for the sake of maximizing the attendee experience.
If they’re doing it right, that maximized attendee experience leads to a measurable business impact.
The more you consider it, the clearer it becomes: your brand’s event is a 30-second window to put everything on display, create sizable buzz around all corners of the organization and generate authentic content people talk about all year. Even more than that, your event is bigger than the general session and breakouts – it’s everything in-between when your attendees leave their homes and when they return.

6 Things The Super Bowl Gets Right

The Hype

Building hype is all about communication with fans before the event. Hype for the Super Bowl sometimes feels widespread as people from all walks of life begin gathering for this unique American “holiday.” One important factor generating this commercial mania is the presences of top-of-the-line performers. Fans go wild when they learn that their favorite performer will be putting on a custom show. Some famous names from past games include:
  • Beyonce and Coldplay
  • Madonna
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Diana Ross
  • Michael Jackson
  • Lady Gaga
Companies that are advertising during the Superbowl get in on the act too with clever and catchy social media blitzes to build anticipation for their 30-second spots.

The Stakes

Businesses have a chance to connect with customers and supercharge their next year’s sales. Fans have a chance to taste victory or bitter defeat, depending on which team they’re cheering for. Meanwhile, the teams themselves compete for fame, glory, and potential endorsement deals worth millions.

The Talent

The Super Bowl is, in some ways, the Olympics of the sports world. Two teams at the peak of their physical ability enter the field, but only one will emerge with the prize. This makes for seriously gripping entertainment. The Super Bowl’s Halftime show just adds to the fun with star-studded guest lists and performers. Businesses will drop millions in ad fees for the honor of 30 seconds of fan attention here.

Production and Execution

No expenses are spared with it comes to Halftime’s production. Fans tune in for luxe, funny, or unforgettable product ads. They stay for the performers … and the anticipation.
This is a live event we’re talking about here, anything could happen!
Year over year, the Super Bowl production squad outdoes itself, and it has turned the halftime show into as big a platform as anything else. Knowing the latest memes alone is reason enough to watch it, like when this kid became famous for taking a selfie with Justin Timberlake:

Building Connections

The Super Bowl is where communities meet, celebrate, and build connections. On the small scale, it starts at someone’s living room or a tailgate party. In the middle are businesses like local pizza or chicken wings restaurants who offer special game day deals. Take it up a notch to conventions. Many businesses like to plan conferences around this time as guests may already be in the area for the festivities. Finally, in the grand scale, smaller names may take off and big names get bigger in the business world due to a well designed Halftime ad.

Making Memories

Even after the big day, 2019’s Super Bowl will linger on in peoples’ minds. Quarterbacks’ stars may rise or fall, with millions in endorsements on the line. People may decide to buy a new car based on ads, and they’ll never forget the food they tried from that restaurant which was holding a special deal. Businesses may build connections that they can continue to nurture for the rest of the year. The Super Bowl is such an extravaganza that it has an effect on people and the economy for a long time after the game’s over.

Supercharge a Convention With Super Bowl Magic

Would you be surprised to learn that a successful convention or conference is a lot like the Super Bowl? Many of the same principles are at work here.
  • Reaching out to respected names in the industry
  • Building excitement through pre-communication with attendees
  • Packing high-quality engagement into each presentation
  • Including ‘Halftime’ breathers for people to absorb information and unwind
  • Building connections between people and businesses
Every convention or conference goes through the same four steps. It starts with solid, creative planning. Next, there is production leading up to the actual event. During the event, it’s vital to keep attendees engaged without overwhelming them with information. Finally, there are follow-up steps afterward to make sure your message lingers on in attendees’ minds. This is a lot to juggle, but an experienced event planning company can help you pull the conference off without a hitch.