Attendee Engagement

CPG members adding their experiences to a board

Using the Power of Shared Moments to Create Belief and Connection

It was just a few weeks after 9/11, and I was on […]

Hybrid Event Trend Forecasts for 2022 and Beyond

It’s 2022 and we’re back, baby! Well, maybe not for everyone, but […]

Woman exploring the metaverse using VR headset

Metaverse Upskilling: Employee Development Trends and Predictions

In response to the changing work environments created by the digital revolution, […]

Breakout Sessions Woman Sleeping

Create an Effective Conference Breakout Strategy to Keep Members Engaged

Make your breakout more than a step above naptime…

Happy business man at the airport following a corporate event

How to Leave Corporate Event Attendees with the Best Impression

Say hello and goodbye like a champ with these tips…

General Session

How To Produce a General Session That Rocks the House

No one wants to sit through a general session that puts them to sleep…

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Attendees meeting each other at Brain Dates during a corporate event

Why Brain Dates and Attendee Matchmaking Belong at Corporate Events

Take a page from the dating world’s playbook…

People using design thinking to plan a corporate event

The Power of Design Thinking for Your Corporate Event Strategy

With Design Thinking, you’ll take your event to the next level…

Connect with corporate event attendees

How to Make Attendees Actually Feel Valued at your Corporate Event

Connecting on a personal level is priority numero uno…

Corporate Event Attendees at a Breakout session by CPG Agency

15 Ways to Engage Your People at Breakout Sessions

It’s where the real learning happens, after all…

Employee Engagement

Maximizing Attendee Engagement at Annual Corporate Events

Engaged attendees means happy companies…

corporate event storytelling

Connect Corporate Event Attendees with a Powerful Brand Story

Don’t give them 4 — give them 2+2…

Event Measurement Tactics to Drive ROI

Corporate Event Planning KPIs That Drive ROI

It’s ROI or bye bye – plan accordingly…

EMS2017 Experiential Trends to Watch

7 Trends to Watch at the 2017 Experiential Marketing Summit

“Experiential” is more than just a buzz word…

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