VIDEO: How to Thread Design Thinking Throughout your Event

Your annual corporate event can inspire your people to do great things – if you let it. In today’s world there are so many flashy objects vying for our attention it’s hard to zero in on what’s most important. This challenge is least daunting in experiential settings, where on-stage flair and high-quality production captivates audiences in ways they simply can’t achieve through their smartphone. And if you utilize Design Thinking in your overall event strategy, you set yourself up to strike gold.

CPG + Maritz Travel Bring Design Thinking to Corporate Events.

As the above video shows, there are many moving parts making up your event’s attendee journey. How are you threading it all together to serve your business strategy? Making sure registration is seamless, lights turn on when they’re supposed to, food is served hot, speakers don’t pontificate by PowerPoint and the closing band sticks to the hits… If you’ve ever planned a large-scale conference, you know this is just the tip of the iceberg. But you don’t want to plan a conference just for the sake of planning a conference, do you? To get an ROI on your event, your audience needs to gain something from the experience. What do you want them to think, feel or do differently than when they arrive or exit? How do you change this up for repeat guests? When is the best time to communicate the event’s objective with attendees? How do you reinforce that message post-event? Design thinking takes your story into account at each decision your production and logistics teams face. The result is a cohesive, effective corporate event that captures the hearts of your audience.
The philosophy behind Design Thinking is the foundation of our partnership with Maritz Global Events. By joining forces, we create a team capable of threading dynamic messaging campaigns throughout the entire attendee lifecycle.