Attract, engage and retain your Millennial workforce with this immersive leadership program.

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Whether you’ve been in the workforce for years, or you’re a Millennial yourself, our 6-month MAP leadership program offers a fresh take on the importance of understanding your Millennial workforce.

Providing an innovative environment that not only improves retention and engagement but also establishes a foundation for success for the leadership role Millennials play at your business now and in the future.

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The 3 MAP Components for Success:

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In-Depth, Proprietary Assessment of Your Team’s Millennial IQ

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Targeted, Custom Curriculum Addressing Employee Lifecycle Tracks

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Multiple Weekly Touchpoints Using Immersive, Interactive Media

CPG presents MAP with the help of and in collaboration with David Stillman (author of “When Generations Collide” and “The M-Factor”) and Sylvan Schulz (Certified Leadership Coach and CPG Engagement Lead).

MAP Empowers Your Brand’s Legacy

Businesses must embrace and engage the next generation of leaders in order to shape future growth. Failing that, your organization’s legacy is in jeopardy.

As retention & employee engagement dips in the workplace, MAP:

  • Assesses your Millennial IQ with a proprietary, in-depth assessment
  • Customizes your program to fit your unique challenges
  • Invests in a culture that embraces your Millennial workforce
  • Addresses retention through enlightenment & alignment
  • Takes your current leaders on an immersive, interactive journey

Generational experts recently led an interactive panel with top brands to identify how they retain Millennial talent and create the ideal company culture.

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