Month: February 2018

Ulta Beauty Internal event Scenic Design


Great scenic brings your brand to life…
Live Event Production

Events are BIG Business

Are you utilizing of experiential communications?

Video: CPG Brandumentary

See what we’re all about here at CPG…
Excited employees

How a 137-Year-Old Company Rebranded by Igniting its People

What’s in a brand? Is it a logo, a slogan, an identity? […]
Digital Tech Engagement

Innovative Event Trends That Drive Digital Engagement

Meet your attendees where they are – on their phones…

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Video: CPG Event Solutions

Create the perfect live experience that connects your people…

Video: CPG Engagement Solutions

Engagement tactics to connect your people to purpose…

5 Ways To Go Green With Corporate Events

Cause we’ve only got one Earth, people!

Video: CPG Knows Food

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