By Lauren Lane

Close up of man having virtual meetings on work laptop

How to Make the Most of Your Virtual Meeting

As more meetings and events migrate to virtual and remote alternatives due […]
group of business people standing in front of a window with a sunset in the background

5 Ways to Combat Coronavirus at Your Event

You’ve likely seen some relatively large conferences cancel their 2020 plans due […]
diversity and inclusion at a conference

Bringing Diversity And Inclusion To Your Conference

Diversity and Inclusion should be some of your top priorities
event producers talking about goals

Smart Goals For Conference & Convention Producers (With Examples)

Measure your success with these metrics
Conference attendees listening to speaker

Host A User Conference That Boosts Next Year’s Business Performance

User Conferences should solve these key objectives
Crowd of people at a concert

How The Experts Manage Talent & Entertainment At Conferences

Pull off an unforgettable concert with these tips
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Speaker talking into microphone at conference

Planning a User Conference: Why The Name Matters

The right name sets the tone at your conference
Event management services

These Event Management Services Produce a Great Event Partner

These 8 services are mandatory for any production partner
networking event

5 Networking Games to Implement at Your Next Conference

Fun mingling = guaranteed
Augmented Reality at a corporate event

Ideas For Augmented And Virtual Reality At Corporate Events

Don’t forget the purpose behind the shiney new tech
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