Corporate Culture & Employee Engagement

Build your brand from the inside out through the power of culture.

The company culture you've always wanted:

How is your business transitioning to a virtual-first world? It’s vital to create experiences and opportunities for authentic connection. But in an increasingly digital environment, it’s more challenging than ever to reach people from behind a screen.

CPG helps brands create memorable, immersive experiences that not only transform your internal culture, but also connect your business with the people that matter most: your employees and customers.

CPG starts with strategy – brilliant, interactive, experiential and tactical – and then we go deeper. We help brands reach revenue goals, retain employees and find loyal customers by identifying, developing and messaging corporate culture. We make it easy to design, plan and measure engagement so you can see the huge impact culture has on organizational success.

Company culture is the key to meaningful change. Address everything from employee engagement and lifecycle to brand alignment and affinity to leadership development and customer devotion with one solution.

Are you ready for true organizational change? CPG’s cultural roadmaps can help you thoughtfully craft a corporate culture that produces real results.

How CPG aligns brands with their people

We lead with strategy

Brilliant, tactical design meets interactive, experiential content, all focused on your brand’s main goals.

We make it easy

Dedicated in-house account managers and engagement specialists take the heavy lifting out of designing and planning.

We craft messages that matter

Your message is king so our content development is built to connect your people to a higher brand purpose.

We wrote the book on it

Our CEO’s book From Like to Love shows how we help brands inspire emotional commitment from employees.

CPG’s full-service corporate culture services

Shift your core mission into a cultural movement.

We make engagement an experience

  • Recruitment/Onboarding
  • Development/Measurement
  • Motivation/Recognition
  • Retention/Inspiration

We connect your people to your brand

  • Diverse Culture Initiatives
  • Brand & People Alignment
  • Communications Strategies
  • F2F & Virtual Workshops

We transform the passive into the active

  • Training & Development
  • Change Management
  • Virtual Meetup Solutions
  • Digital/Analog Engagement
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