CPG and Maritz Global Events Align Over Holistic Event Solution

After a year filled with exciting event awards, impressive new clients and record-breaking customer retention, we aren’t exactly entering 2018 slowly… Rather, our year kicks off at lightning speed with a very special announcement: Maritz Global Events and CPG Agency have partnered to serve corporate clients with a holistic event solution. In an ever-changing event landscape, clients continue to seek out new, innovative ways to engage their people. How do you stand out? What does it take to provide a seamless, engaging experience for attendees? So many of our clients feel like project managers to their agencies, and, at the end of the day, the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing (or spending). What if this wasn’t the case? What if strategizing for your big conference or next event kicked off with everyone at one table? From location sourcing to expo design, from registration to executive content development, from set design to app development… surveys, air travel, food and beverage, pre and post-event communication… the list goes on.

After spending a lot of time together, and even collaborating together with different clients, CPG Agency and Maritz Travel discovered they shared a commitment to designing and delivering better event experiences for their client. CPG Agency naturally became the perfect fit for Maritz Travel’s newly launched Design Studio.
“Partnering with CPG allows us to deliver on our idea when launching Design Studio – taking us from just exploring better experiences to activating them for our clients and their guests,” said Greg Bogue, chief experience architect, Maritz Global Events. “CPG Agency can take a nugget of an idea and help us seamlessly transform it into an amazing, tangible experience.”
As a strategic event partner, CPG Agency enhances Maritz Travel’s design services with full-service event production, creative communications, content development and branding. Likewise, CPG clients will benefit from Maritz Travel’s extensive event management and planning expertise. CPG and Maritz Division of ResponsibilitiesIn this way, the entire lifecycle of a corporate event receives the expert design and focus it requires.
“We hear a common thread from client to client,” said Ellie Dupuis, VP of Business Solutions, CPG Agency. “When strategizing for their big conference or next event, the right hand doesn’t always know what the left hand is doing, or spending. To solve that, you need more than two companies just combining solutions; you have to design and execute together.”

In the end, the partnership proves as beneficial for CPG Agency and Maritz Travel as it does for the end client. By saving our team’s time, we save the client money. Already, the partnership has proven exciting and valuable, saving clients 27% in total costs on average.
“This is a big win for everyone involved,” said Keith Alper, CEO and Co-Founder, CPG Agency. “As we continue to pave new paths in the event engagement industry, CPG Agency and Maritz Travel will approach our clients’ projects as one team, with one hand to hold, producing disruptive, engaging event strategies that are brought to life before the event begins and live long after it concludes.”
Plus, both teams align on one very important element: putting the customer (and the customer’s people) at the center of everything we do.
“When looking for partners to help us enhance our client and guest experiences through Design Studio, CPG Agency was a natural fit,” Bogue said. “This isn’t about suppliers or vendors, it’s about working in concert to provide more cohesive, holistic and strategic event experiences.”
To learn more about how your corporate event can benefit from this partnership, please contact Ellie Dupuis at ellied@cpgagency.com.