How Ulta Beauty Designs a Purpose-Based Attendee Engagement Strategy

Join CPG Agency and Ulta Beauty at the Event Marketing Summit in Vegas this May.

On Thursday, May 16 at 3:00pm, we present a can’t-miss session at EMS entitled “How Ulta Beauty Designs a Purpose-Based Attendee Engagement Strategy” which will carefully outline how to inject your key business purpose across every stage of your event design. EMS 2019 is touted as the ultimate training conference for event marketers looking to get a year’s worth of insights and ideas in just a few days. To that end, over 1,800 attendees from around the world will join brands and agencies to uncover the most mission-critical trends and best practices available in the event planning space. CPG Agency is no stranger to bringing brands along for the ride to give compelling case studies into how to truly engage your event’s audience (while still meeting all of event’s KPIs). In the past, CPG Agency and Southwest Airlines have presented on this subject at EMS as well. This year, CPG Agency and Ulta Beauty team up to tell the story of how their latest General Managers Conference success was fueled by a pre-show planning workshop that centered around designing each phase of the event around one key purpose.

Here is a synopsis of their upcoming EMS session:

To ensure your events are tied to your critical business objectives, this interactive whiteboard session provides the insights and tools necessary to find the core purpose, or organizing principle, that will power every aspect of your event’s decision-making process. See how, each year, Ulta Beauty defines who to involve in the design process, what business objectives to target, how to measure against them and where the organizing principle plugs into their attendee journey. Join this “purposeful” session and walk away with an actionable design-thinking game plan for your next event. Presented By: To learn more, take a glimpse into how CPG Agency and Ulta Beauty currently create belief through experience together: Want to dig deeper? To set up a one-on-one meeting around this topic while onsite in Vegas, be sure to reach out to Peter Cartier at to arrange a time. Otherwise, you can always learn more about CPG Agency by visiting