Corporate Event Planning

vr headset at corporate event

5 Corporate Event Planning Tips in 2021 and Beyond

Without a doubt, COVID-19 upended our daily lives, careers and even the […]

key metrics for virtual events

KPIs and Other Key Metrics for a Successful Virtual Event

It’s no secret that virtual events became entirely necessary due to COVID-19. […]

two event attendees laughing and engaged

The Complete 2018 Corporate Event Management Guide

Produce a killer event with this all-encompassing guide…

People using design thinking to plan a corporate event

The Power of Design Thinking for Your Corporate Event Strategy

With Design Thinking, you’ll take your event to the next level…

Corporate Event Attendees at a Breakout session by CPG Agency

15 Ways to Engage Your People at Breakout Sessions

It’s where the real learning happens, after all…

Corporate Event Goals

Setting And Measuring Corporate Event Goals

Tips for selling up & defining your event’s value…

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Event Logistics

Logistics: The Key to Producing a Successful Corporate Event

Getting people there & back is kind of a big deal…

Anatomy of Corporate Events

Breaking Down The Anatomy Of Corporate Events

Operate your conference with surgical precision

Corporate Award Ceremony carpet

How To Produce an Engaging Awards Ceremony

One-up the Oscars with these useful tips…

Live Event Production

Events are BIG Business

Are you utilizing of experiential communications?

5 Ways To Go Green With Corporate Events

Cause we’ve only got one Earth, people!

corporate event trends 2018

Top 10 Corporate Event Planning Trends of 2018

Get with the times or fall behind…

corporate event storytelling

Connect Corporate Event Attendees with a Powerful Brand Story

Don’t give them 4 — give them 2+2…

Event Measurement Tactics to Drive ROI

Corporate Event Planning KPIs That Drive ROI

It’s ROI or bye bye – plan accordingly…

Corporate Event Sponsorship Tips

All In: How Sponsors Take Your Event to the Next Level

Sponsors shouldn’t have to limit themselves to the booth…

Combat Information Overload at Corporate Events

Corporate Event Planning: How to Combat Information Overload

Increase engagement and keep guests from exhaustion…

Non-Traditional Corporate Events

5 Non-Traditional Strategies to Amplify Your Next Event

‘Meeting’ can be a dirty word, so make it fun…

Pre-Event Engagement Tactics For the Purposeful Planner

Set the bar beforehand to make your event awesome…

Stop Making These Common Mistakes At Your Conference

5 Common Mistakes to Stop Making At Your Conference

If worst comes to worst, just stay calm & carry on…

corporate event planning tips to follow

How Purposeful Corporate Event Planning Drives Engagement

3 expert tips that convert attendees into participants…

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