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corporate event attendees enjoying a presentation

5 Ways to Enhance Corporate Event Attendee Engagement

Keep up with the industry with these fresh engagement tools

Breakout Sessions Team

How Breakout Sessions Drive Your Brand’s Message Home

Let’s talk about the real meat of your event’s education…

From Generic To Brand: Engage Your Pharma Salesforce

In a constantly changing medical world, only the…

People using design thinking to plan a corporate event

The Power of Design Thinking for Your Corporate Event Strategy

With Design Thinking, you’ll take your event to the next level…

digital engagement tech trends

Beauty, Health and Wellness Brand Engagement Makeover

Give your brand an experiential makeover…

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Corporate Event Theming

Brainstorm the Perfect Corporate Event Theme

Pick a theme that attendees will not stop talking about…

repurposing event content

How to Repurpose Content that Enhances the Attendee Experience

It’s always better to work smarter, not harder…

Connect with corporate event attendees

How to Make Attendees Actually Feel Valued at your Corporate Event

Connecting on a personal level is priority numero uno…

Video: Franchisee Engagement Solutions

How to turn important people into brand advocates…

Corporate Event Attendees at a Breakout session by CPG Agency

15 Ways to Engage Your People at Breakout Sessions

It’s where the real learning happens, after all…

Employee Engagement

Maximizing Attendee Engagement at Annual Corporate Events

Engaged attendees means happy companies…

How to Engage Your Retail Associates

The future of retail is only as strong as the people wearing your name badges

Employee Engagement: Why it Matters

Engaged employees outperform unengaged by up to 200%…

Engaging Hospitality Employees by Air, Land and Sea

Engaging Hospitality Employees by Air, Land and Sea

If you aren’t investing in your people, someone else will

Corporate Event Goals

Setting And Measuring Corporate Event Goals

Tips for selling up & defining your event’s value…

Event Logistics

Logistics: The Key To Engineering A Successful Corporate Event

Getting people there & back is kind of a big deal…

Grow Your Franchise with Internal Engagement

Don’t miss the biggest opportunity to grow your franchise brand..

Fun Corporate Event Production

Expert Event Production Ideas That’ll Fire Up your Employees

Blow your people away with these production ideas…

Video: Retail Engagement Solutions

How is retail like a big ship?

Anatomy of Corporate Events

Breaking Down The Anatomy Of Corporate Events

Operate your conference with surgical precision

Two Way Video Communication

Harnessing the Power of Live, Two-Way Video Communication

It gives your meeting a whole new dynamic…

Video: CPG Sizzle Reel

Connect Your People – Grow Your Business…

CPG Agency HQ

Liz Murnin Joins CPG’s Executive Leadership

Liz brings a dynamic skillset to CPG…

Top 8 Workplace Differences Between Millennials and GenZ

Every generation handles today’s workplace environment in their own unique way.


Proof of Experience

This PDF shows you how we create belief through experience

Corporate Award Ceremony carpet

How To Produce An Awards Ceremony That WOWs

One-up the Oscars with these useful tips…

10.5 Steps to Transform Your Event Into an Ongoing Engagement

Attendee engagement gets a lot easier with these tips!

3 Fundamentals of a Valuable Event Partner

How do you take corporate events further?

Ulta Beauty Internal event Scenic Design

Elevating Corporate Events With Scenic Design

Great scenic brings your brand to life…

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