By Sharon Reus

CPG members adding their experiences to a board

Using the Power of Shared Moments to Create Belief and Connection

It was just a few weeks after 9/11, and I was on […]

corporate event attendees enjoying a presentation

5 Ways to Enhance Corporate Event Attendee Engagement

Keep up with the industry with these fresh engagement tools

Breakout Sessions Team

How Breakout Sessions Drive Your Brand’s Message Home

Let’s talk about the real meat of your event’s education…

From Generic To Brand: Engage Your Pharma Salesforce

In a constantly changing medical world, only the…

People using design thinking to plan a corporate event

The Power of Design Thinking for Your Corporate Event Strategy

With Design Thinking, you’ll take your event to the next level…

digital engagement tech trends

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Beauty, Health and Wellness Brand Engagement Makeover

Give your brand an experiential makeover…

Corporate Event Theming

Tips for Brainstorming Corporate Event Theme Ideas

Pick a theme that attendees will not stop talking about…

repurposing event content

How to Repurpose Content that Enhances the Attendee Experience

It’s always better to work smarter, not harder…

Connect with corporate event attendees

How to Make Attendees Actually Feel Valued at your Corporate Event

Connecting on a personal level is priority numero uno…

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