Sport Clips

CPG Agency implements creative strategies across the brand experience to deliver energy and purpose, empowering managers to grow their franchise.

Sport Clips is one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises, but fast growth means they need to go to the next level. The CPG team develops creative strategy focused on impacting meaningful objectives with an energy and experience that empowers managers to truly make an impact on their stores and grow the franchise.

Producing a convention to inspire and motivate


Each year, CPG designs innovative ways to engage franchise owners and store managers to not just produce a great event, but meaningfully improve retention and recruitment.

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“We knew our national events needed more than just AV equipment to take us to the next level. CPG transformed our shows to an event that’s alive, exciting and entertaining for attendees. Their exceptional team takes time to learn our company’s focus and play an integral role in our positive ratings increase!”

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See More From CPG:

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