BREAKING NEWS: Unhappy franchisees stunt your growth!

CPG creates brand advocates that grow your franchise.

Brands with high franchisee engagement drastically outperform brands with low satisfaction. Our role at CPG is to design an experience that converts naysayers into yaysayers and accelerate the growth of your franchise system.

CONSIDER THIS: Top quartile franchises enjoy 10x better unit growth, 40% higher royalties, 54% less turnover and 2.3x higher franchisee income than the bottom quartile.

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CPG Award Winning AgencyHow We Take Your Franchise Convention Further:

  • Create convention strategy around franchise goals and KPIs
  • Drive process from creative design to event execution
  • Develop franchisee engagement strategies before, during & after convention
  • Offer full-service capabilities with one hand to hold
  • We’ll design a free, custom franchise convention proposal

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