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CPG designs an innovative employee experience that creates authentic conversations between employees and leadership.

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Under new executive leadership, Caleres, a fashion footwear leader with brands that include Dr. Scholl’s, Famous Footwear and Sam Edelman, works with CPG to invigorate their annual employee meeting, which historically consisted of executives delivering one-way presentations. CPG’s internal campaign helps transform culture across each of their brands and develop an innovative, forward-looking team of brand advocates within their ranks.

CPG designs a series of innovative employee experiences and social, interactive communications before each event. This sparks authentic conversations between employees and the CEO that boost both engagement and ROI.

Transforming & unifying culture across

18 Brands

CPG’s methods to promote cultural change are rooted in best practice and research. They bring easy-to-implement engagement ideas for behavior and cultural change. CPG understands our organization and realizes that cultural change is all about human behavior and programs need to be tailored to each company.


It was exciting and rewarding to be able to collaborate with Caleres on building a framework for culture change, and then see it come to fruition over the YOUnited campaign. The positive energy among all employees during the innovation sessions was tremendous; you could tell right away that team members sensed things were going to be different at their company moving forward.

Steve Friedman Co-Founder, Chief Strategist
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