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CPG manages creative development, scenic design, video production and all event production aspects for Goddard's annual experiences.

The Goddard School Conference Attendee

The Goddard School is one of the nation’s leading early childhood development franchises. CPG Agency’s extensive work in the franchise industry led Goddard’s DIY events team to add CPG as an extension of their team. The results over the last decade have been incredible. CPG orchestrates two exciting events for The Goddard School: a biennial Directors’ Convention and an annual Franchisee Convention. Our team manages creative development, scenic design, video production and every event production aspect in between for each brand experience.

CPG Agency supports Goddard, formerly a DIY client, in amplifying attendance, engagement and results across every experience.

Goddard trusts CPG's franchise convention management for

Over 500

Knowing that CPG has all the details of their work so well covered lets us concentrate on what we have to do – and that’s a liberating sense of confidence! On both a professional and a personal level, we find everyone on CPG’s team to be a pleasure to work with and, obviously, the results speak for themselves.

The Goddard School

I love working with the Goddard team because of the deep level of trust and respect we have for each other as experts in our unique fields. In a most altruistic way, Goddard Schools align with my belief in early childhood development. They're building the foundation of our future by offering the best childhood preparation for social and academic success.

Matt Eres Manager, Client Services
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